About Us

Snack Guru, Singapore's first Paleo-inspired snack company

There are healthy nibbles that just don’t cut it in the taste department. Then there are feel-good tidbits that don’t make us look very good. While clean eating is now prevalent in more restaurants and catering services, the same variety and affordability cannot be found in the snacks department. Frustrated with the lack of alternatives to complement their fitness regimes and lifestyles, two friends decided to take matters into their own hands and founded Snack Guru in March 2015.

Snack Guru is Singapore’s first and only paleo-inspired snack company. We go back to basics, and that means no refined sugar, cheap white flour, grains, food preservatives, chemical flavourings and additives in our products. We believe that taste shouldn't be compromised when it comes to eating clean and healthy. After all, if we choose to eat better for our main meals, the same philosophy should extend to our snacks.

Snack Guru is our way of sharing our lifestyle with you, and our belief that snacks can be healthy, delicious and accessible.

Yes, snack is not a dirty word. 

Talk to us at sales@snackguru.com.sg