Get rewarded for eating clean

We know it's hard. Choosing your beef jerky over potato chips and going gluten-free... We totally get it! Which is why we thought you should be rewarded for eating right. Yup, the wisdom of snacking with Snack Guru is obvious. Here is why:

  • For every $1 spent, you will earn 1 Snack Guru Dollar (aka SGD) and every 100 SGD gets you $5 off your next purchase. You can use this to offset your future snack purchase so that you can roll with this healthy lifestyle!
  • And yes, we know. What are friends for if not to share the good stuff? So refer a friend and get 100 SGD rewards credit while your friend gets a 5% discount off his / her purchase. 
  • Can't get away from checking your FB or IG while snacking? Make this work for you! Share a Snack Guru post on FB and earn 38 SGD. Like us on FB and earn 28 SGD. Follow us on IG and earn another 28 SGD


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