A new addition to our snack hampers, the NUTCRACKER box is filled with only the handmade, plant-based goodness by our partner, Mahota. Yes, this is a perfect gift for those Gurus among us who would like to go meat-free. 

Nutcracker is vegan-friendly, perfectly paleo, junk free and as with all Snack Guru treats, each snack pack has zero refined sugar, preservatives and additives. Designed for the Gatherers among you who believe that snacks made with natural ingredients can be just as delicious and would value such treats that are handmade with love. 

The NUTCRACKER comes in a kraft recyclable box containing: 

  • 10 x Snack Pack from Mahota* (see below for range)

    Mahota snacks are vegan-friendly, hand-made with love and contains zero preservatives and refined sugar. Snack packs will be picked from the following selection

    • Kale chips with garlic infused olive oil
    • Apple cinnamon chips
    • Vegan bak kwa
    • Organic almond matcha nougat
    • Organic banana almond cookies
    • Organic cacao nibs coconut cookies
    • Gluten-free almond matcha cookies
    • Organic date and goji berry energy ball
    • Organic honey baked walnut and cashew nuts
    • Organic black sesame crackers
    • Organic matcha nougat


    Meat free. Go nuts. Live your life as Mother Nature intended. What's not to love?

    (Please note hampers will be delivered within 5 - 7 business days. The variety of snack packs will be selected by the Guru and each hamper may consist of different types of snack packs. If you have any preferences, please write to us on the day of the order. However, we will definitely try our very best to accommodate your request and pack in your preferred snack packs. 

    As these handcrafted snacks are made without preservatives, it is best consumed within two weeks of delivery)