Brand Collaboration

When PengWine meets Snack Guru....

What happens when Snack Guru meets the Chilean boutique wine label, Pengwine?

Named after the resilient Chilean penguins that make their home along the coast, PengWine has been producing a complex and distinguished line of wines since 2004. To honour these land and sea loving birds, each of their varietals are named after a different penguin native to South America.

In this new adventure, PengWine, is collaborating with Snack Guru to produce a limited edition red wine flavoured beef jerky - the Rockhopper Jerky!

Each slice of jerky has been marinated overnight in our special marinade made from the 2009 Rockhopper from PengWine, a unique blend of robust Cavenagh Sauvignon and Caménère.

If you love to pair your wine with your favourite red meat, this is a must try!