Snacks for abs. What's not to love?  Snack Guru is Singapore's 1st paleo-inspired snack company.  Established on 31 Dec 2014, Snack Guru has ushered in the new era of snacking where taste and nutrition comes together in one delicious bite. 

SilverKris (Sept 2021)

"As moisture and fat are removed from the meat during the preparation process, jerky is a good source of protein and rich in vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and folate.

Snack Guru‘s range of handcrafted, artisan jerky from the United States keeps the munchies at bay while introducing a range of different meats infused with intriguing flavours.

Some of the more unique offerings include garlic jalapeño pork belly jerky, lemon pepper chicken jerky, chipotle lime beef jerky and rosemary citrus turkey jerky.

Meaty and flavourful, the snacks are low in sodium, high in protein and contain no preservatives, artificial ingredients and MSG; meaning they make for perfect guilt-free snacking."

Her World (May 2021)

"You might have doubts but jerky is actually pretty healthy. It’s high in protein and doesn’t raise your levels of insulin, a hormone that controls how you store fat. Snack Guru promises no refined sugar, preservatives and additives in their products. Plus, their jerky comes in all sorts of different flavours and types, ranging from chicken to turkey to beef. It’s the perfect tasty work snack if you need to munch. "

Her World (Sept 2020)

"You might have doubts but beef jerky is actually healthy and good for weight loss. It's high in protein and doesn't raise your levels of insulin, a hormone that controls how you store fat. Snack Guru promises no refined sugar, preservatives and additives in their products. Plus, their beef jerky's come in all sorts of different flavours and types. It's the perfect tasty-work snack if you need a munchie around the office."  

Honeycombers (Jul 2020)

If you’re on a paleo or gluten-free diet, you’re going to love this online snackery. You won’t find any refined sugar or preservatives here. Choose from an assortment of eatables that’ll have you feeling good about your life choices – we’re looking at you, zucchini bread! For the ultimate snack fest, order an assorted hamper. Select from handcrafted snacks like gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free cookies and chocolate cakes, as well as halal beef jerky in flavours like chilli, garlic and honey ginger.

Expat Choice (June 2020)

"Beef jerky snacks are done just right by the Snack Guru and while there are plenty of snack hampers available with them, we love their Dasher for S$75. This loaded package contains five kinds of beef jerky - chilli, garlic, chilli garlic, smoked manuka honey and original."

AsiaOne (April 2020)

If you've been seeking out paleo-inspired snacks with little success, Snack Guru's your godsend - and Halal-certified, to boot. The company focuses on beef jerky, breads and cookies, but jazzed up.

The Smart Local (May 2019)

"Those who swear by the Paleo diet will want to check out Snack Guru – all their snacks are void of refined sugars, white flour, preservatives or additives. You can choose to purchase their boxes or simply buy whichever snacks you like."

Shape (Oct 2018)

"Protein-packed snacks are a great way to keep yourself satiated. A cup of Greek yogurt, a hard boiled egg or some celery sticks with peanut butter will do the trick, but they’re not the easiest options to tote around. For healthy and flavourful nibbles that feel like an actual meal, reach for Snack Guru’s Beef Jerky" 

Andrew Kayden (Feb 2018)

"When it comes to beef jerky, i always get my stash from Snack Guru. Their beef jerky is made from premium grass-fed beef from New Zealand. I used to think it’s normal for cows to eat grains but awhile back, I realized that not only is grassfed cows the way Mother Nature intended but it makes farming more ethical and sustains the environment better. One of the distinct things I like about Snack Guru beef jerky is that I could pronounce all the ingredients used to make it. I don’t have to worry about all the nasty chemical stuff that goes into my snack. And because each pack of beef jerky is equivalent to a 100gm of beef, eating Snack Guru’s snack is way easier than carrying a fresh slab of meat around"

content (Oct 2016)

"BEAST MODE: ON. (No kidding, that’s what their website says). This place is totally tailor-made for the gym rat — it serves up snacks for those on a Paleo diet seeking options with natural and unprocessed ingredients.

If you’re looking for a quick bite that’s high in protein, try the Chilli Beef Jerky ($7.90), which is made from New Zealand grass-fed beef that’s cured with punchy herbs and spices. Other items to nibble on include the Paleo Bake ($13.80), which is basically grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and preservative-free bread, or the Paleolah ($5.90), a nutty alternative to granola that contains toasted coconut chips and nuts, which should keep you full for a good amount of time.

Another cool fact: Snack Guru lists the nutritional labels of its items to make it easier for you to count your calories (let’s just pretend you that really do)."

Wine & Dine (May 2015)

"Who doesn't love bacon? Or a bacon spread for that matter? Paleo-inspired snack company, The Snack Guru has crafted a jam made with their secret recipe, which incldes a blend of coffee, cinnamon, cocoa and bacon. Since this is a paleo jam, it has no sugar, preservatives, gluten or any additives." 

Cheryl Tay (May 2015)

"I am a total snackie at heart. I unfortunately suffer from the ‘mouth itchy’ syndrome where I derive great pleasure from continual munching in my mouth. This is a huge problem because it usually leads to overeating of unhealthy snacks, aka potato chips and chocolate. Now that I’m on a Paleo template for my diet, I thought I had to resign myself to eating (too much) baked almonds for snacks… until I found Snack Guru."